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Comparison guide between the most popular App Installer platforms. Fantastico and Softaculous. Your choice may just depend on your hosting requirements

Are you looking for a good website hosting company

You would like to find hosting services that are both budget friendly and offer high quality features. If you know what features you will need then finding the right Provider will be a little easier. But what if you do not know what features you need. And what each hosting provider offers? Deciding on which Hosting company to use will prove to be a difficult challenge. We will try to help you to understand what features are the most recommended so you can choose the best Hosting provider for you and your website

Requirements for your Website

As a website owner it will help in knowing the requirements your website will need. The Hosting provider that you choose should be able to provide the exact services that your website requires. For example a website that is a Blogging site may require more Disk space than normal. This is important if you decide to store a lot of images or to upload audio and video files. E-mail management. If using your blog for business purposes, having an e-mail address that matches your domain is highly recommended. Speed is also important. Look for Providers that offer SSD Servers

Shared VS Dedicated Web Hosting

Shared website hosting share Server space to multiple websites. These shared web hosting services most often are much cheaper than Dedicated Servers or even Virtual Dedicated Servers. With shared hosting the performance of websites will be lower since the website all share the resources of the same Server. This is normally not a problem with 70% of all websites on the Internet today. The modern Servers are designed for multiple web site hosting. Dedicated hosting gives you a website with a sole and entire Server resources. With dedicated hosting a website owner has complete control and the high performance benefits of a Dedicated Server. However the dedicated service is quite costly

Costs Involved

There are usually two main costs associated with Hosting services. First the initial cost when a website owner signs up for hosting service. Set-up charge, monthly charges, domain name registration, E-mail ad-dons, etc. Second the costs incurred when renewing the web hosting services, so as to continue accessing these services. Before deciding on the Hosting Provider to use, it is important to consider these two types of costs. We have seen far to many times the initial cost is low. But the renewal costs is much higher. Before you choose any web hosting service go through the terms and conditions associated with costs

Reputation is Everything

80% of all review sites are NOT honest and NOT reliable. See this Article on Best Hosting Review Websites. Before you decide on a particular hosting company take your time to research the company's reputation. The best web hosting providers are those who have Earned a good reputation in the market. Most of the highly valued web hosting providers are those that have been in business a long time. Does not have allot of complainants or bad experiences. One way I love to check is with Google. Try typing in "GoDaddy Sucks" Or "Bluehost Sucks" you will be amazed on what people really think

Speed of the Hosting Provider

One of the top features of every good website is always fast website speed. Most everyone hate slow websites as they take too time to load. Your websites speed is part dependent on the web hosting service that you use. For this reason it is important that you choose a web hosting service that gives your website speed. Look for SSD Servers, load balancing of Servers and do your own speed testing. A good site to test website speed is GTmetrix

Add on Domain Names

Add-on domains provides you the opportunity to come use multiple domain names as well as websites. Available on one web hosting account. This domain feature are important as this can help save costs that would otherwise been spent on paying multiple web hosts. Having add on domain names can have a positive impact on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can then choose to use this feature for your website

User Friendliness

A good hosting provider should offer services that can be easily handled by the clients. If those hosting service proves to be too complicated and hard to understand. This will cause headaches to the website owners. This could also lead to complicated websites which will be avoided by users. This only serves to negatively affect hosted websites. It is important to choose those website services that has simple and user friendly services


With so many Hosting Providers available on the Internet today. You should not settle on the very first hosting provider that you find. Or ones you see on TV all the time. Do your research. Go through the above suggestions before you settle on any hosting services. The performance of your website can depend on doing just that. Do not let your great website down by carelessly choosing a hosting provider

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